Norwell Outdoor Fitness

Norwell Outdoor Fitness was founded in 2007 by the Barkholt family from Denmark.

During travels in Asia, the family experienced how the public outdoor fitness parks everywhere offer easy access to exercise, and the perfect supplement to the family’s walking and running routines. This experience inspired the Barkholt family to develop their own unique line of outdoor fitness equipment, expressing the very best of Danish Design: quality, functionality and aesthetics.

As a front-runner within the outdoor fitness concept, Norwell quickly started to export, and today you will find Norwell Outdoor Fitness parks in most of Europe. Recently Norwell was also introduced into the North American market.

Renowned for its superior German engineering and stylish Danish designs, the Norwell fitness equipment range has been developed in collaboration with fitness and physiology experts and specialists. This carefully designed system allow users to utilise their own body weight as resistance, each unit is crafted carefully to avoid over exertion injuries. Made from glass-blasted stainless steel making them durable and vandal resistant, the Norwell fitness range is a crowd favourite.

To satisfy market demand, the new Norwell Fitness Version 2.0 range will include a few design improvements to further the quality and reliability of these already superior products. The new fitness equipment will now include a surface treatment consisting of hot-dip galvanizing, a primer, and a two-component polyurethane coating to produce a stronger and more resistant surface, and a few design changes to improve performance.

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