Fitness Parks for Schools

To be healthy and active is more important now than ever before. Our kids and young adults need to be inspired to break away from an increasing sedentary lifestyle.

With a Norwell Outdoor Fitness park on the grounds of your school, fun fitness comes into play – often spontaneously.

There is an increased focus on providing better conditions for our school pupils
to get into a healthy and active lifestyle. Our outdoor fitness guides make it very easy for teachers and students to engage in fun fitness, both in and out of classes.

Our outdoor fitness guide makes it easy for both teachers
and students to engage in fun fitness activities – both in and out of class! The guides inspire to exercise, and will be a valuable tool for improving the over all health of your pupils and students,
and even increase their ability to concentrate and learn.

“Not only did we got an outdoor fitness park, but actually a whole park of sculptures. We now have the opportunity to use these equipment in both sport activities and interdisciplinary projects. Visual arts can work on the design and aesthetics of tools. And in physics, the formula force times arm takes on a completely different meaning when you have to use it to lift your own weight. Our students now also have the opportunity to come out after a hard time in class and get up the pulse relatively quickly, which provides fresh oxygen to the brain and sharpen their concentration and learning ability.
With these tools we welcome the city to high school, everyone can use them, and this means that more and more people will know high school and see it as part of their world – it is also for them

Headmaster Claus Jensen, Faaborg Gymnasium, High school

We suggest the Norwell Street Workout package for urban parks, public facilities, schools and educational institutions with grade levels ranging from 0 to 10th grade:

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