My Isle and Beast

Engineered for professional athletes and sports teams, MyBeast is a staple of intense, highly-focused and result-charged training.

Conceived to help you advance and build strength, power, agility, stamina & character, MyBeast Innovative Workout System brings together the best of sports science, functional training and performance-driven design.

Bodyweight training has become widely popular amongst elite athletes, special forces, top trainers and people looking to develop core strength, burn fat, get in shape and prepare for competition.

MyBeast is an EVOLUTION of a bodyweight training, stripped down to its fundamentals and condensed into a SINGLE high-performance fitness installation.

Each workout routine can be done in a systemic, personalized and extremely efficient manner.
The training can be done in as little as 15-30 minutes (a fraction of the time of a ‘regular’ workout).
Every workout targets all major and minor muscle groups while engaging both the aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Featuring over 12 workout stations, called “Stages”, the size of MyBeast can vary from 4,5 to 10,5 meters. The number of stages and their order is highly customizable for each installation.

This makes MyBeast versatile, effective and adaptable to different sport disciplines, fitness goals and personal workout routines.

MyBeast is also the first ‘seamless’ fitness product that will be developed across multiple surfaces – flooring, installation, and accessories. The floor becomes an extension of each Stage, creating a smooth, flawless integration between suspension and ground training and taking advantage of the full spectrum of body weight training exercises.


MyBeast has been designed around three primary concepts: personalization, solidity and instinct. Intelligent design of MyBeast connects with the body on a more intimate, primal level, triggering the bodys instinctive drive to move, become stronger… and evolve to new levels of greatness. Unparalleled personalization is achieved through the customization of the number of stages, their order, choice of materials and accessories as well as a wide range of exercises developed for different levels of preparation, training time available and specific fitness goals. Solidity and exceptional resistance to elements is guaranteed by the use of top of the line, innovative materials, including high-performance concrete, supreme quality steel and a wide range of world class sports flooring surfaces. All this creates a tangible difference in how MyBeast looks, feels, performs and how your mind and body reacts to it. It’s truly a tribute to Men and Women ready to commit to excellence.

We stand by:

  • World’s first ‘connected’ stage-based fitness concept made both for the outdoors and indoors.

  • Intuitive form that can be customized to athletes’ lifestyles, fitness goals and workout space.

  • Possibility to train in groups to boost team-spirit, improve performance and increase engagement.

  • Workout stage-by-stage protocol studied for short, intense, total-body workout routines.

  • Proximity-based technologies in combination with an app make every workout smart, interactive and social.

  • Studied for men and women, sports team or single individuals, professional athletes and beginners.

My Isle David and Goliath


Designed to look and feel as a private wellness island, MyIsle marries the concept of functional sculpture and functional fitness. Organic design, smooth texture and the natural colors of MyIsle have been inspired by timeless elegance and translucency of a marble sculpture. Yet the biomechanics of each accessory and workout equipment are rooted in modern science and have been tested for optimal performance and solidity. It’s not just another outdoor training equipment. It’s a tribute to athlete’s power, determination and primal, serene beauty of movement. When carving his famous Pietá Michelangelo famously said that the role of the artist is to liberate the sculpture trapped inside the block of stone by gradually chipping away the unneeded. MyIsle has been designed following the same principles of functional minimalism – polish off layer by layer, leaving the essence of an outdoor workout experience emerge. Each of the MyIsle “islands” have been designed as a monolithic piece, where every workout element is integrated, and all of the accessories are within easy reach. Such intelligent layout and unconventional use of ultra-high performance Molecular Concrete® and prime Inox steel, helps to keep workouts smooth, focused, highly versatile and time-efficient.


Conceived to help wellness minded people and bodyweight training aficionados build strength, power, agility, and stamina, MyIsle Innovative Workout System brings together the best of sports science, functional training and performance-driven design. At only 16 to 24 square meters of space, MyIsle features up to 12 accessories and offers an almost unlimited number of bodyweight training routines. It is also solid and spacious enough to allow six people to workout simultaneously, making this boutique gym perfect for small group trainings.

Why My ISLE?

MyIsle’s compact design allows you to switch from one exercise to another in a matter of seconds, keeping workouts short and purposeful. Space-optimized layout of MyIsle makes it a great wellness solution for both commercial and private use, including gardens, beachside residences and even luxury yachts. With two different installation sizes, MyIsle will perfectly meet your space requirements, fitness goals, and number of people working out simultaneously. Thanks to the MyIsle App, it is possible to tailor and personalize your workouts by choosing difficulty level, muscles you want to target, or workout time available.

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